- 'Breath in jeju (Yoga house)'  Reservation -

‘BREATHE IN JEJU’(YOGA HOUSE)s reservation services are provided with StayFolio platform.

You will be redirected to the reservation platform when you click the reservation button below.

Enter your name / phone number / email and select the number of people (adult / child / infant)

If you choose, real-time reservations will be processed.

For inquiries, contact 0504-0904-2263


- After a successful transaction of the reservation, a confirmation message will be sent.

- Reservation will be cancelled if the transaction is not made within 3 hours

- If conflicting reservations exist for the same unit on the same day, the priorities will be set by the earliest request


-If reservations are not available, contact us and we will give you a refund.

- If you want to apply Barbecue and yoga program, add those in the option when booking.

- The barbecue cost is 20,000 won and we provide charcoal and grill tools.

- For changes and cancellations, contact 0504-0904-2263

- Cash receipts are only available within 3 days prior to the reserved date. Please request in advance as receipts will

   not be available after the guided date range.

- For commercial filming or viewing, please consult in advance.

breathe in jeju
(Yoga House)
2 ~4
400,000 won
450,000 won
500,000 won

- Up to 4 people, including adults and infants, are welcome.

- The peak season is July, August, New Year holidays, and Chuseok holidays.

- A day before holiday and holidays are the peak season and be charged for the peak season.


- If you are over the maximum number of people, you cannot enter the building.

- Infants are taken into account with the maximum allowed capacity.

- Underage persons without supervisors or pets are not allowed.

- Visitors that have not reserved a unit are prohibited to enter the premises. The guest will be accounted for if such

   circumstances occur.

- For visitors staying for 2 nights, towels will not be renewed and cleaning will not be provided.

- For visitors staying for more than 3 nights, towel renewals and cleaning will be provided.

More than 2 nights during non-seasonal week (SUN-THU)
5% discount off the total price

- 5% discount off the total price is provided when guest accommodate more than 2 nights during off-season

   weekdays (SUN_THU)

- Discount is not available during weekends (FRI-SAT) and peak season. The peak season is July, August, New Year

   holidays and Chuseok holidays.

- Discount will be automatically applied during the payment phase at the time of booking.


   In 'Breathe in Jeju (Yoga House)', you can experience the yoga program with a host who has practiced yoga for a

   long time.

- Please sign up no later than 3 days before the reservation day.
- It will run for an hour from 7 a.m.
- Yoga mats and towels are ready. Bring a casual sports suit.
- Experience once during the stay period is free. If you apply more than once, you can charge 30,000 won per episode.


- Please refer to the below table for the refund amounts

- Refunds are made after checking if the account holder’s name is identical to the payment account, and penalty

   fees are deducted

- Credit cards or NaverPay transactions can be refunded with deductions to the penalty fees with cancellation.

- Refunds cannot be made from 3 days prior to check-in.

※ A 100% refund can be made if documents of proof are provided for plane/ship delays due to weather



10 Days before check-in

No cancellation penalty

9 days before check-in

10% penalty off the total price

8 days before check-in

20% penalty off the total price

7 days before check-in

30% penalty off the total price

6 days before check-in

40% penalty off the total price

5 days before check-in

50% penalty off the total price

4 days before check-in

60% penalty off the total price

3 day before check-in ~ check-in day

100% penalty off the total price


Please search the address of Breathe in Jeju in the navigation. [429, Gasi-ro, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do]. It is about 38km from Jeju Airport and takes about 50 minutes by car. If you rent a car, you have 30 minutes to go to the airport because you have time to go to the rental car house.


From Jeju International Airport, take the 130-1 bus at Pyoseon, Sungsan, Namwon Stop and get off at Sumang Intersection Stop after the 8 stops. Move to the Sumang-garum stop from 100M away and Take the 295 bus and get off at the stop at Yeokji-dong stop after the 18 stops. After 1 minutes walk, you will see the Breathe Jeju.


If you come to Breathe in Jeju by taxi from Jeju Airport, please use the taxi stop in front of Gate 5 of the airport to tell us [429, Gasi-ro, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do]. If you move to the airport by taxi, please contact our manager, then, manager will kindly ask for call taxi to take you safely to the airport.