- Space Introduction of 'Breathe in Jeju' (Yoga House) –

'Breathe In Jeju' (Yoga house) is a private residence that has been renovated from old house and tangerine warehouses in the village of Gasiri, surrounded by small orumms and cedar trees. Designed as a perfect resting and fresh start place for a host who has trained body and mind for a long time by yoga, it was the first to be completed with the theme of 'Yoga Stay' in jeju with the delicate design of Z_Lab.

room plan

The space composed by three house in cedar tree forest

is only used by one team.

stone house

Yoga house with calm of stone

Stone House is a yoga space that resembles the nature of Jeju. It has enough space for yoga and tools for yoga. It can be used as a tea ceremony space, sometimes as a sofa-type party space.

01 yoga space / 02 table / 03 yoga item / 04 kitchen / 05 bathroom

wood house

Living space with warmth of tree

We have put the warmth of a tree so that the moment in the stay is remembered as warm and memorable, and put the most simple, ordinary and special day-long life in the old house of Jeju so that we can concentrate on the staying time and the staying time.

01 kichen / 02 table / 03 bedroom / 04 living room / 05 bathroom / 06 tub

water house

Stone warehouse with scent of water

An open-air bath that blends the wind, stone and water of Jeju and an outdoor kitchen where you can enjoy a barbecue are prepared. It will present time to rest in peace with nature in the cedar forest.

01 table / 02 outdoor table / 03 airtub